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The Frozen Local

128 S Albany St

Spring Green, WI 53588


To help keep the family farm alive, we have opened a storefront!

The Frozen Local came to fruition during a brainstorming session, thinking of ways to sustain our farm. As we looked around, we saw small family farms disappearing at an alarming rate, particularly dairy farms. The question arose, how could we help small Wisconsin farmers?

The Frozen Locals' mission is to provide tasty, locally sourced treats to people while supporting our community of small farms and artisan producers. We believe everyone should have access to healthy, safe food. Our mission is to pay farmers what they deserve to receive, a fair price for their hard work. This will ensure the ethical treatment of farmers and their workers and promote environmentally sustainable practices.

We make small batch delectapples, highlighting Future Fruit Farms' organic specialty fruits and products. Homemade artisan ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and some of our favorite local fare are just a few of the things we will have to offer. 

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